"Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary a qualification for efficient citizenship as the ability to read and write."
— H. G. Wells

Intro to Probability & Statistics

This 'starter' subject provides a rudimentary introduction to probability theory and statistics. Fundamental concepts such as data distributions, basic combinatorics, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing are all covered in the resources provided below with reasonable consistency.

Prerequisites: Intermediate Algebra


Probability is the science of uncertainty. An extensive treatment of probability concepts and techniques are provided in the resources below. Many important advances in the fields of science and engineering are based on the ideas and methods presented here. Topics include probability models, random variables and their distributions, and random processes.

Prerequisites: Multivariable Calculus


A rigorous introduction to the theory and application of mathematical statistics. The items presented in the resources below, which are typically taught at the advanced undergraduate level, aim to provide a solid mathematical foundation for statistical modeling and inferences. Topics covered include estimation, linear models, Bayesian statistics, hypothesis testing, and other advanced topics.

Prerequisites: Probability